2018 Fillies

2018 Chestnut filly NATASHYA SPA sired by HERMEZ E (ENZO X NATALIA K [EL NABILA B])

NATASHYA SPA has an ultra-refined neck and throatlatch with beautiful arching shape.

NATASHYA SPA is strong in the loin and rounds-out her back at the trot with beautiful tail carriage

NATASHYA SPA has an excellent profile with a strong jibhah in her face. Her neck is set-on high on her breast, and she has a nice laid-back shoulder,

NATASHYA SPA has elegant, free movement with good lift in the forehand, and a strong hock that she gets under herself at the trot.

NATASHYA SPA has a beautiful flaxen mane and tail, and three white socks. Her mane naturally divides about half-way down her neck to the right and to the left.

NATASHYA SPA has a great expression with tight, tippy ears. What a beauty!

Another great shot that shows NATASHYA SPA at the trot with good lift in the forehand, a strong hock, and her tail flagged.

Beautiful expression at the canter with ears forward, and tail flagged high!

At the trot NATASHYA SPA shows great extension both front and rear.

NATASHYA SPA has a beautiful face, and tight, tippy ears.




NIRVANA SPA photos from 2006

NIRVANA SPA with her 2017 filly NIKITA SPA sired by PSYCHE TAKI SPA.  

      NIRVANA SPA had a refined, high-set neck with prominent withers and a large heartgirth, reminiscent of her sire PERVADER SPA, and his sire PAAVO. At left: NIRVANA SPA in January, 2018 in foal with NATASHYA SPA, her last foal. NIRVANA died on February 5, 2019, and is greatly missed.

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