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Bataanagramma SPA

Kilogramm SPA [*Monogramm x *Kilifa] 
ex. Bataanja SPA [*Bataann x *Plajta by Gedymin]


Bataanagramma SPA is imported Polish (100%) on her Damline,

and 50% U.S. bred Polish and 50 % imported Russian on her Sireline.


 Monogramm was U.S. bred, but leased by Poland for 3 years, thus giving him imported status.

Bataanagramma SPA had a beautiful chestnut filly in 2021

Marvelous Star SPA

who is sired by:

               PA Marco (Marwan Al Saqab x Casandra SS [*Padron])

PA Marco is a National Champion Reining horse who is producing awesome performance offspring.

PA Marco's damline includes the sires *Padron, *Muscat, Antey,  *Muslin, Arax, Priboj, Taki Pan, and Kann 

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